What is the experience of riding an electric bicycle after getting used to driving a Porsche?
Class: Company news
Author: Zhou Yunfeng
From: http://ebike.zol.com.cn/752/7523931.html
Time: 2020-12-19 18:02:14
It's said that a group of Porsche owners gathered near Taihu Lake recently. Let's see what they are doing?

Besides, we also saw several special "guests" - electric scooters. It turned out that this was a "running around the lake" activity jointly with the 911 club.


It has to be said that what kind of experience will it be for car owners who are used to driving Porsche to ride electric bicycles?


Let's hear how they feel after experiencing it!

"Surprisingly good to ride!" "It feels so good!" Many of the owners of the company have expressed their admiration.

"This car is very safe, comfortable and maneuverable. It's very easy to ride on the uphill road. It's really cool to ride," said a Porsche owner


To tell you the truth, for the users who are used to driving, you may as well experience this kind of travel mode. At the same time, they can experience the happiness of urban roads, fields and villages.

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